Jul 6, 2010

eight is my favourite number.

rindu rindu rindu rindu kat orang tuuu~ up until today, i didn't see your adorable, sweet face for exactly 33 days. being away from you isn't exactly my favorite part during the holidays. believe me, it's hard. i miss you everyday, i think about you so much each day that i can always feel you being here with me. i can always smell your perfume whenever i think about you. i know you feel the same way like i do. the other day i missed you so much, that i actually sit outside my house looking into the sky thinking of you, and wondering if maybe you were thinking of me too. well, i know you do. sayang it's our 8th 'new moon' today and somehow it hurts that i wasn't able to be with you on this very special day. i love you sayang and that's never going to change, i promise you that.
happy 8th month sayang, i love you more than ever!


capitalFUE said...

terharu lg.ske wt org rndu die ek.huhu
of cos d whole time i'm thinking bout u:)
syg sori xdpt post kt blog.t org post u baby so so so so much:)

asyraf iskandar said...

mestila suke. haha. ohh xpe xpayah post pun xpe. love you too sayang. :)