May 27, 2010

counting days.

sik sabar mok balit! :)

May 22, 2010

this isn't me.

final exam. i think i screwed up my first two papers. yet now here i am being too lazy to start revising for my next paper. i suppose that i'm not going to start revising tonight. maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after. gaaaaahhhhhhh~ the fact that this semester is almost over makes me think more on going back home, and less on studies. procrastination is what i do best right now and i couldn't find strength to deny any of the tempation of facebook, internet surfing, online games etc. oh shit what's happening to me? please please pleaseeee i need help and support and motivation and God knows what else, but that would count for nohing if i'm still procrastinating, no? okay enough of this, i think i'm going to study or maybe just revise on one or two lecture notes. just maybe.

May 9, 2010

happy mother's day mum!

11 may 2008 - this was before i'm even here in utp. along sambut mother's day tahun tok dengan angah, jepot, and hani. kmk org polah project seawal 8 pagi. time tok mek bok dapat lesen bah, so kmk curi2 kelua pake kereta mak g kedai stationary beli mother's day card. then kmk org menjalankan operasi melukis dan meng-decorate kad ya. hasilnya, kad yg dah cukup sifat jadi lunyai penuh ngan lukisan mek org. haha. hani along suroh jadi umpan main ngan mak, polah mak distracted supaya sik kaco mek org decorate kad. then bila datang time mak masak, kmk org turun bawah, surprise mak dari blakang. hani bawak kad, and along main lagu Belaian Jiwa by Innuendo guna gitar. mak tengah potong bawang tekejut and nangis. tapi siktaukla nangis sbb potong bawang or sbb kmkorg surprise nya. haha. malam ya kmk org celebrate, mak masak sedaap! and that was the best mother's day celebration ever.

10 may 2009 - foundation 2nd semester di utp. time tok tengah prepare for finals rasanya. i'm sorry sik dapat celebrate mother's day ngn ktk time tok. along sempat message and call jak. rasa mok nangis. cisss. haha

9 may 2010 - this year, sikpat juak mok celebrate together because along tengah prepare for finals juak, sama mcm last year. tapi tadik along dah wish kat facebook, and now tengah tulis kat blog tok. ktk baca nak? i know you will. esok pagi along call mak ok? Happy Mother's Day mum! you are the greatest mum in the world. along sayang mak. wink wink! ;)

ada gambar! (wah!)
since raya jak yg ada family picture lam laptop along, so along letak gmba raya lah sitok. haha.

May 7, 2010

2200 hours - 0300 hours.

5 hours of joy. 5 hours of laughter. 5 hours full of love. tapi dengan awak, rasa 5 minit je lah! geramnye. :P

it's the most exciting, thrilling, and memorable night with you, a night i surely will never forget.
pengalaman yang best kan? uuuuuuuuuu~ :)

i love you more than ever.

May 6, 2010


There are so many reasons,
Why I think of you so much.
And I don't mention it
As often as I should,
And I certainly don't show it
In all the ways I should.
I hope you have all
The happiness that life can hold,
That's my wish for someone
As special as you!

Happy new moon number six awak. see, the title has 6 ♥'s on it. so, on this very special day i have six things for you to do.
1. to love your life. ♥
2. to love yourself. ♥
3. to love your family. ♥
4. to love your friends. ♥
5. to love me. ♥
6. to love being loved. ♥

boleh buat kan? org tau awak boleh. :) i love you!
ohh one more, jgn sedih-sedih ye? yupp i know, die risau about academic stuffs, homesick lagi, and macam-macam lah. tapi kannn, orang kata kalau nak tengok pelangi, sebelum tu kena hujan dulu!