Dec 31, 2009

the last post of 2009.

"somewhere between all our laughs, long talks, little fights and all our jokes, i fell in love."

0313 hours, 31-12-09. sangat rindu kat orang tu. :(

ohh, today is the last day of a fantastic year of 2009, and hereby i would like to wish a verry happy new year of 2010 to all. :)


Dec 25, 2009

this ain't cool yo.

the pain in my stomach is killing me right now. tolong, sapa2 ada ubat lain selain yg the common ones? i've tried everything, but the pain doesn't seem like it is going away. it gets worse day by day. doktor cakap bukan gastrik. haish tapi pedih. apa ni? gua dah x tahan la wei. gua salah makan ke? the first time sakit ni dtg, time gua habis makan mcD two weeks ago. dah lama ok seksa oii seksa. haish ni gua x puas ati ngn mcD nihh. sakit tau tak? tapi gua cool je, x mungkin salah mcD sebab sahabat2 gua yg makan sama time tu sampai hari ni ok je hidup je lagi. takpe gua akan siasat dgn lebih lanjut fenomena yg berlaku nih. if anything, gua report kat sini balik.

p/s: semakin hari semakin gemok.

Dec 16, 2009

just like old times baby.

rule #17.
be a hero.

Dec 10, 2009

get well soon.

snowy sakit. doktor ckp, snowy maybe ada 6 months lg utk hidup. wuwu :'(

Dec 6, 2009

new moon at 1920 hours, november 6, 2009.

today, is our first full moon.

i love you.

Dec 4, 2009


sygku i miss u :)

tgk title tu.haaa~ nanti k sme sme tgk? :)
take care.

Dec 1, 2009

darwinisme theory.

i need a shaver! right now!