Jun 7, 2010

lucky number seven.

"he's happy. the world is his, at least that's what he feels when he's with her. she means everything to him. she's the one he wants to be with every single day. not even for a split second did he regret being with her. every moment is special, every second is priceless. he built his world around her, and he wants her to know that he needs her like he never needed anyone before."

nurfuzaini, i dedicate my life to you and no matter what you do, i promise you my heart. today is our seventh 'new moon' and i'm very happy about how things are going. i started writing this at 0720 hrs, well you know what happens at 0720 hrs 7 months ago. i hope you're happy with me and i wish our love will last forever. I LOVE YOU.

Jun 5, 2010

it's home sweet home babeh~

at last i'm finally home, now indulging myself with a bowl of laksa sarawak my mum made this morning. aaaaaaaaah~ this is what i call heaven. yesterday's journey before arriving in The Land of The Headhunters was quite tiring. i had to wait almost 11 hours alone, as all my best friends catches up earlier flights to their respective hometown. to all of you, have a great holiday. jumpa lagi sem depan! eh bukan, jumpa lagi before sem depan because you sabahans (syahmi, flee, lolo) planned a trip to kuching, right? bah, jumpa time tu laa. let me and awg and nasz and stiel be your tour guide and i ensure that you'll all have the best trip of your life.

given all this, somehow i do feel quite sad and unhappy. to be far apart from you is the last thing i want. i'm missing you every second, i'm missing you as a write this. tapi what to do ohh, sikpa kelak balit kita jumpa balit ok sayang? i know you wouldn't want me to be sad and worried about your well-being throughout this holiday, and that's what i'll try to do. tapi you pun jangan sedih-sedih ok, enjoy your holiday, main jak ngan kucing yang comel-comel semua ya. if bosan ajak dorg suma klua ye. take good care of yourself, don't stop loving me as i never stopped loving you. ohh one last thing, jangan nakal-nakal! haha :)