Aug 6, 2010


adidas superstar wallet. woahh pandai ye beli dompet suruh org simpan duit wat kawin ke? :p

born to love.

I was born to love you,
With every single beat of my heart,
Yes, I was born to take care of you,
Every single day of my life...

please always know that i love you more than anything else. i need you i miss you i love you. happy 9 months sayang. ohh and thank you for the surprise last last night. oooo pandai ye tipu. haha. i really really really appreciate what you did. the birthday present, God it's very nice. love it sayang! THANK YOU THANK YOU how can i ever repay you hahaha. emm sorry i'm in hyperactive mode. excited. ok dah cukup. i love you!