Feb 27, 2010

petang sabtu.

huuuu, rindu kat orang tu lah~ :(


Feb 18, 2010

this is random :)

i just can't tell you in words how much i love you.

sayang die banyak-banyak. weeeee :)

Feb 9, 2010


"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. - Albert Einstein"

well at least i realized something new today. ADHERE TO THE SPEED LIMITS ON HIGHWAYS, at ALL times. seriously, speed trap equipments are installed at strategic locations along the highways, and a speed ticket with your name on it is almost inevitable if you fail to comply to the speed limits accordingly. in my case, the speeding ticket was dated on september 2009. aok bah darah mudak baaaah. HEHH

ohh terbanglah RM300 aku -_-''

Feb 6, 2010


this post is written specially for you. today is another new moon, where it marks the third month since we first seal the bond between us. i wrote you something, its short and not full of flowery words but i really do hope that you like it. :)

you complete me. you piece me back together when i fall apart. it's like puzzle sayang. only two puzzle pieces cut out for each other can create a beautiful and perfect picture.
i love you. i always do, i always will. if I've ever hurt you before, please know that i never meant those things. all the pain I've caused you, i really wish that i could take it all away.
let me be your man. i need you sayang. i need you everyday by my side so that i'll never feel alone. i always have to have you here with me. i never stop loving you. the truth is, i can't. my life is not worth living if i can't be with you sayang.

so, that's it. i'm not good in writing these kind of things, but this is the best i could do. i love you. happy 3 months sayang.