Feb 6, 2010


this post is written specially for you. today is another new moon, where it marks the third month since we first seal the bond between us. i wrote you something, its short and not full of flowery words but i really do hope that you like it. :)

you complete me. you piece me back together when i fall apart. it's like puzzle sayang. only two puzzle pieces cut out for each other can create a beautiful and perfect picture.
i love you. i always do, i always will. if I've ever hurt you before, please know that i never meant those things. all the pain I've caused you, i really wish that i could take it all away.
let me be your man. i need you sayang. i need you everyday by my side so that i'll never feel alone. i always have to have you here with me. i never stop loving you. the truth is, i can't. my life is not worth living if i can't be with you sayang.

so, that's it. i'm not good in writing these kind of things, but this is the best i could do. i love you. happy 3 months sayang.


capitalFUE said...

sygggg thanx sgt2222:)
really glad 2 have u

love u 2 sygku:)

asyraf iskandar said...

love u 3 :p

capitalFUE said...