Jan 17, 2011


holiday is almost over, and i don't like it!

Jan 10, 2011

good news and bad news

Jan 8, 2011

get a "Bieb-over"

this is crazy dude! mendapat sambutan pelbagai peringkat umur ohhh~ HAHA :p

Jan 6, 2011


it is our fourteenth new moon. yeay! i miss you but you're not here and i miss you so much. thank you for loving me and i hope to see you soon. can't wait! i love you always. promise me you'll love me always too okay? take care sayang :)

Jan 1, 2011


i kinda wanna post something like JB's and nasz's "2010 recap" but now i guess its too late 'cause its already 2011 hahaha. it was fun reading their posts you know, as i got to do my own so-called reminiscing of the past and think back on my 2010 study life, relationship with friends and family, my love life, and also a handful of awesome special events that occurred throughout 2010.

well, this is the year where i turn 20 and somehow i feel more matured (maybe because the age 20 sounds old without the digit 1 in front. heheh) and i watched myself become the man i should be proud of bla bla bla. ok i should stop now before this turns into a longgg post like nasz's. haha i never thought you could make a post that long.

all in all, 2010 has been a fantastic year and in fact, the last 20 years of my life has been great too and im grateful to Allah for all that was given to me. so lets start fresh on this brand new 2011 and be awesome all the way. oh and my 2011 resolution? naaaaaah i never fulfilled that crap so this year im not making any. heh. so happy new year everyone!

Dec 29, 2010

lagenda laser hijau: the sequel

macam dah diexpect, kompom ada kes laser agik. reff tuyuk nauzubillah, cameraman lanji nak mati leput. not a bad performance, sedikit terabur (aku nebes tauk sik nangga match tok!) anyways, we are asean champions now! congrats malaysian team! especially to solid goalkeeper khairul fahmi che mat yang page facebook nya mencapai rate 1000 lebih 'like' in one minute, and to safee sali yang score the most amazing goal dalam final tek. kali tok mena-mena rasa mok nangis. terharu!

Dec 25, 2010

a few different ways to tie your sneakers

i found this on the internet. this is cool! :)