Jun 7, 2010

lucky number seven.

"he's happy. the world is his, at least that's what he feels when he's with her. she means everything to him. she's the one he wants to be with every single day. not even for a split second did he regret being with her. every moment is special, every second is priceless. he built his world around her, and he wants her to know that he needs her like he never needed anyone before."

nurfuzaini, i dedicate my life to you and no matter what you do, i promise you my heart. today is our seventh 'new moon' and i'm very happy about how things are going. i started writing this at 0720 hrs, well you know what happens at 0720 hrs 7 months ago. i hope you're happy with me and i wish our love will last forever. I LOVE YOU.


capitalFUE said...

omg rse cm nk cry ni syg.thanx syg:) epi ngn die 4 sure.ehe.I LOVE U 2 :)

asyraf iskandar said...

weeeee~ syg awak :)

capitalFUE said...

syg awk gak:)