May 6, 2010


There are so many reasons,
Why I think of you so much.
And I don't mention it
As often as I should,
And I certainly don't show it
In all the ways I should.
I hope you have all
The happiness that life can hold,
That's my wish for someone
As special as you!

Happy new moon number six awak. see, the title has 6 ♥'s on it. so, on this very special day i have six things for you to do.
1. to love your life. ♥
2. to love yourself. ♥
3. to love your family. ♥
4. to love your friends. ♥
5. to love me. ♥
6. to love being loved. ♥

boleh buat kan? org tau awak boleh. :) i love you!
ohh one more, jgn sedih-sedih ye? yupp i know, die risau about academic stuffs, homesick lagi, and macam-macam lah. tapi kannn, orang kata kalau nak tengok pelangi, sebelum tu kena hujan dulu!


capitalFUE said... xsdeh lg da ni :)
org try k wt 6 things 2
i love u 2 syg:)

asyraf iskandar said...

yeahhhh! bgs2.haha :)